Working in Wonderland

It is always a busy time leading up to Mothers' Day and this year is no different even with the current COVID-19 restrictions. We have all adapted to this changed world. With everyone becoming a bit more savvy with technology, staying connected online, and allowing ourselves to remain positive in our day to day lives during these times! 

It has been a back and forth discussion with Con, one of the beautiful owners of The Hatter And The Hare, with what I can offer their customers this coming Mothers' Day. I really am in awe and appreciative of everyone who continue supporting small businesses like us, and so I thought, it would be really fun to be able to create something just for the Hatter. As a child, I remember first discovering the old animated version of Alice in Wonderland and although I love Johnny Depp in the more recent movie, I still love and cherish the cartoon version I grew up watching.

So in these pairs of earrings are little details of Alice in her famous light blue and white dress, the Mad Hatter's hat, the cheeky invisible cat with just his grin and tail only to be seen, the pots and teacups of course for the afternoon and other subtle details.

I hope you enjoy these creations, as everything that leaves my hand are made with love and care. Please continue to kindly support me and The Hatter and The Hare. Check their website to purchase their amazing hampers.... they are truly bringing their magic into your homes... literally!