Meet The Maker

About the Maker

Hello! My name is Lilian but you can call me Lil, the maker behind Where The Green Things Are. I started collecting indoor plants in the late months of 2017 and fell in love with them. My mother was the green thumb in the family. The house always had plants and her garden was always a site to remember. I guess in a way, I got it from her; the love and awe for plants, and the passion for taking care of them.

As my collection grew, I always had the itch to make and create, hence I learnt how to make kokedamas. It became a hobby, a means to de-stress and meditate. Therefore, in the late weeks of winter 2018, Where The Green Things Are was born.

I was encouraged by a fellow maker to try out markets and sell these kokedamas. Thankfully, she pushed me to do so. If not for her, WTGTA would always be a concept.

Just recently, I have ventured into polymer clay jewelry making. I met another jewelry maker in one of the markets and suggested I try making them! I used to bake and played with fondant to make cake toppers. And now I am using the same skills I learnt in making things out of fondant into making jewelry from polymer clay! And of course, there is only one theme - it has to be PLANT INSPIRED!

Alongside being a maker, I am also a theatre nurse, working full time in one of the biggest and busiest non for-profit hospitals in Melbourne, Victoria. I love my job and have a passion for it. However, I always had an artistic flare and wanted and outlet for creativity. I love making things with my hands and kokedama making was a perfect fit for me. Apart from this, painting and making knick-knacks here and there is also my thing.

My days are always busy, but the job I love the most is being a mum to a lovely little toddler named Ethan and a cheeky bub called Charlie. I am very grateful to have them and my very understanding partner, Paul, who has always joked that people would need a machete just to be able to enter our living room from the entrance door. He loves tending to our outdoor garden, but the inside jungle is my domain.

If there is anything I can help you with about kokedamas, our other products and services, please do not hesitate to contact me.