Are they plants coconuts?
I get this question very often but no, they are not. They do look like they are especially at first glance because of the colour and texture of the twine but if you look closely, you will realise that they are not coconuts!


Are they real plants? (plants in kokedamas)

YES, they are! However, for those who think they have a black thumb, we have the dried flower and foliage arrangement in kokedamas.


So the flowers and leaves in the dried floral arrangement, will they last forever?

Basically, they can. There will only be changes in the colour of the flowers and the foliage. The more they are exposed to sunlight, the quicker the colours fade.


Can it sit on its own? Or does it need a stand?

The kokedamas do not necessarily need anything to sit on as it can sit on its own. Its bottom part is slightly flat so that it can sit on its own without rolling. But, for aesthetic purposes, the kokedamas can be on a stand, a hanger or simply a coaster (to protect the surface it is sitting on especially when it has just been watered).


How do I take care of it?

Taking care of the plant in a kokedama is the same as taking care of the plant when it is in a pot. It has the same light, water, and humidity requirement. The only difference is the method of watering.


How do I water a kokedama?

There are two ways of watering a kokedama:

Soak Method – one can save time and water when this is done. Submerge the whole kokedama (up to the top of the ball) in a bowl or bucket of water, or even the sink, until all the bubbles disappear. Initially there will be a lot of bubbles because the moss is absorbing water and in between the moss is a lot of air, like a sponge absorbing water. After all the bubbles are gone, soak the kokedama for 15 minutes. This is to make sure that the water has reached the plant’s roots and not just the potting medium surrounding it. After the 15 minute soak, let it sit on a dry cloth, an empty bottle, a vase or a stand so it can drip dry. This is so that the excess water can be drained out of the kokedama.

Water drip method – you can place the kokedama under a tap which is slightly turned on. This way, the kokedama can slowly absorb the water. I find that doing it this way takes a little longer and also uses more water. However, with this method, the lifespan of the twine becomes longer because it is not being soaked every time the kokedama is being watered.


How long does a kokedama last?

Well, how long does a piece of string really. I mostly find the kokedamas I've made last for a year or so. It depends on how often the individual kokedama needs watering. Jute twine is biodegradable and with constant and repeated exposure to water, it weakens. The jute twine holds the kokedama together, therefore, if the structure weakens the kokedama then loses its shape. Some simply prefer to have it freshly wrapped again, for aesthetic purposes.

An example is a peace lily kokedama I own which I have already wrapped twice within the past year compared to my devil’s ivy kokedama that has not been re-wrapped even after 2.5 years.


So what do I do when the twine is breaking down and the kokedama is losing its shape?

There are two things you can do with it.

First is you can disassemble the kokedama and transfer to plant into a pot or straight into your garden.


Second is to send it back to me for re-wrapping. Plants generally need to be repotted every 1 – 2 years which is approximately the life span of a kokedama. When you send your kokedama to me for re-wrapping, it will get fresh potting medium, sphagnum moss and re-twined.

  • The following are the fees for re-wrapping your kokedama:
    • Small - $15.00 (size of a coconut)
    • Medium - $25.00 (size of a honey dew melon)
    • Large - $3500 (size of a rock melon)
    • Giant - $40.00 (size of a water melon)


Will the plant outgrow the mossball?

It depends on the plant used. Most of the plants I use do not have “invasive” root systems.

Some plants like to be pot bound. Meaning, the plant likes its roots to sort of take over its vessel, ie, the kokedama. Peace lilies and spider plants love to be pot bound so do not be surprised if you see some roots poking out of the mossball.

If some roots do poke out of the mossball and that “look” is ok with you, then there is no need to worry. However, you may be concerned about the plant when it does this, do not be because the plant will continue to live. It will just not grow as it normally would because the roots are exposed to air as opposed to being in soil.


Some people say plants simply die in kokedamas. Is this true?

Many people unfortunately kill their plants either because they over water them, or underwater them. But for most, it is because the plant is given to much love and attention (which is over watering).

There are several factors that affect the health and well-being of plants, not just water. Does it get enough sunlight? Is it being given fertiliser and even soil conditioner whenever possible? Is it placed under the AC or an air vent? So getting to know your plant is very important.

It would be the same with a plant in a kokedama. However, upon saying this, I want my creations to live as long as possible, so I carefully choose the plants that I put in kokedamas.


Do you offer workshops?

Yes and it is one heck of a workshop! I normally work with other small businesses when I host a kokedama workshop. By doing this, you are supporting me and another small business owner when you become one of my students.

If you want to have a private workshop, kindly contact me and we can discuss about it.


Do you do deliveries?

At the moment, I can do deliveries with some surrounding suburbs from South Morang. It is contactless and you will be notified of delivery. Kindly check upon check out if delivery is an option. It is basically a 15km radius from South Morang that I can delivery. Otherwise posting the products will be the option.

I am a one woman business, with little minions who are 4 years old and another who is 1 year old, so really, just myself and moral support from my partner.

Like I just mentioned, I am a mother of two and juggling this small biz and taking care of these youngsters can be tricky. Shoot me a message and we can have a chat.


Can you ship the kokedamas and potted plants?

I only send live plants via express post and on Mondays so that they will not stay too long in the storage facility of the delivery service. Also, posting of plants can only be done in non-quarantine states and territories which are the following: VIC, NSW, ACT, SA & QLD

For the dried floral arrangements, I send them via standard post.


Can you custom make a design for jewelry for me?

I can. Kindly let me know the details and we can discuss. Give me at least 2 - 4 weeks’ notice.


What are the key care instructions for your hand made jewelry?

It is best that you do not take a shower while wearing them. Most of the findings I use are stainless steel and they may still rust. It is metal after all.

Please do not use perfume, make up, or any oils when you have them on. Apply these products first before putting on the jewelry to avoid any discolouring.

Also, please be mindful that polymer clay can break especially if the designs involve intricate leaves that are thin as these are fragile. So keep them in a safe place and avoid dropping them as they may break.